The Social Sunshine Podcast is a top rated global podcast for social media content creators, social media managers and social media lovers.

We’re talking all things social media every week, including conversations with your favorite social media content creators, tips for social media managers, and plenty of fun banter with host, Britney Crosson.

Britney is the CEO of Fun Love Media, a social media and podcasting agency based in Houston, TX. She’s also the founder of Small Biz Social Society, a mastermind membership for ambitious social media content creators that want to stand out on social media. You may have seen Britney on social media dancing on her exercise equipment!

The Social Sunshine Podcast has hit the Apple Marketing Podcasts Charts many times in various countries – Top 50 in U.S.A., Canada, and Portugal. Top 100 in Great Britain. Top 150 in Norway, Australia and Tokyo. New episodes release weekly on all major podcast platforms.

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Executive Producer & Host of The Social Sunshine Podcast
Britney Crosson

Britney is the CEO of Fun Love Media, a social media management and content creation agency based in Houston, TX, which is where she resides with her husband, Ryan, and their two kiddos, Rowdy and Romy. Britney is also the founder of Small Biz Social Society, a community for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to stand out and make an impact on social media. When she’s not working, mom-ing or dancing on social media, you can find Britney cuddled up with a glass of wine watching reality tv.

Producer of The Social Sunshine Podcast
Megan Colwell of Happi Desk

Megan is a rockstar virtual assistant, wife and dog mom. She’s the gal behind all of The Social Sunshine Podcast’s social media management and marketing efforts, including content creation, design, caption copy, scheduling and engagement. Megan also helps hand pick the best bits from each episode to be used in the digital assets posted online every week and communicates with our fabulous guests. She’s an incredibly valuable member of The Social Sunshine Podcast team that takes on each task with grace and an eagerness to do good work and learn new things.

Editor of The Social Sunshine Podcast
Zach Alston (Britney’s super smart, super tall big brother)

Zach is a security and surveillance technician by trade with 20+ years working in the family electronics business. He’s tech savvy and enjoys behind-the-scenes processes, which is why Britney knew he was the perfect candidate to be the show’s editor. The Social Sunshine Podcast is his very first podcast editor role, and he took it on with ease. After years of working in the family business together for their Dad, Britney and Zach are happy to carry on that tradition by working together on this show.

Word on the street…

“If you need someone to BOOST your spirits and encourage you to “do the damn thing” then Britney is your girl!”

Colleen W.

“I gained so much useful knowledge from Britney.”

Jennifer S.

“Great job by Britney in preparing, coaching, video shoot, editing… Definitely recommend…”

Pete S.

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