Episode 3: Branding Your Blog + Business with Instagram

Episode 3 of The Social Sunshine Podcast includes the very first guest interview! Erin Segreto, Managing Editor of CathedralsAndCafes.com, a stylish lifestyle blog based in San Antonio, TX, is this week’s guest. Erin shares lots of great insight about her own blogging journey and how she uses Instagram to deliver her blog’s beautiful brand to her audience. This podcast episode has loads of great information about branding and how to keep it consistent on social media. Check out Erin’s beautiful blog at www.CathedralsAndCafes.com.

This episode’s Social Spotlight goes to Cathedrals And Cafes, of course! Remember to check out @CathedralsAndCafes on Instagram for branding inspiration and give her a follow!

Listen HERE on SoundCloud.

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