Episode 19: Behind the Scenes of a Brand Partnership

In this episode of The Social Sunshine Podcast, we’re giving you a look behind the scenes of a brand partnership with blogger extraordinaire, Erin Segreto, Managing Editor of CathedralsAndCafes.com.

Erin advises you to go ahead and get started on your creative endeavor. There’s no reason to wait forever. She also talks about the difference between gifted and paid partnerships and how to know when you should raise your rates as a blogger or influencer. You’re going to learn what kind of work actually goes into a brand partnership so that you are well prepared and ready to start working. Plus, there are tons of valuable nuggets of information from both Erin and host, Britney Crosson, all along the way.

Find Erin at www.CathedralsAndCafes.com and on social @CathedralsAndCafes

Listen HERE.

Try Canva Pro HERE.

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