Episode 81: From Homeless to Top Earner with Michelle Eldridge

There’s two things you’ll want when listening to this inspiring new episode with Social Media Coach, Michelle Eldridge: 1. A tissue bc…Things get real.. and 2. A notebook for all your fresh marketing ideas.

Michelle Eldridge has gone from being Homeless to becoming a Social Media Strategist, Public Speaker, & Mentor. She sold her kids toys to start her business. She leveraged social media, built influence, & community to create a 6 figure personal brand in less than 3 years. She teaches the average human the new era of social selling so they can create an online empire.

Michelle Eldridge

Insightful as she is innovative, listen as she shares her empowering journey from homelessness to being a successful Social Media Coach in today’s modern marketing world.

Like many mompreneurs, Michelle felt the pressure to provide for her family. She shares her experience to become a soaring small biz success in an episode that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired!

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* The Social Sunshine Podcast is unlike any other social media podcast out there. With a focus on brand building, impacting audiences and making the entire experience fun, this awesome podcast is sure to both educate and entertain you.

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