Episode 89: How to Grow a Facebook Group That Makes You 6 Figures

This mega-helpful episode is packed with marketing tips from Michelle Vroom, the creative mind behind the successful Facebook Group, Market Like a Boss.  Michelle organically grew her group to over 5,000 members. She nurtured, leveraged, then monetized her efforts to the tune of half a million dollars…and counting!

Michelle Vroom

When she says she knows how to grow an audience that makes you 6-figures, she means it. Growing her own group was a total game-changer for her business. It gave her the security she had been searching for when she left her 9-5 years ago.

And now her insider secrets are out of the bag and for your benefit. Secrets like: Getting your audience to buy from you in half the time. And learning how to evolve your super fans to super dedicated clients. This is one can’t-miss show!

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