Episode 107: Wing It & Rise Up with Lindsey Hanlon

In this episode, Britney and guest Lindsey Hanlon explore the challenges of going after what you want and turning those dreams into profitable realities. Lindsey shares tips to build confidence in your small biz own story! The past two years have been eye-opening for her. With a new perspective on life and a new-found perspective on her past journeys, she realized that it was her consistent leaps of faith that brought her where she is today.

Lindsey Hanlon

Since she has broken out of her cage of fear, she enjoys sharing her journey and new-found purpose and passion to inspire those to do the same. When the excitement of something overshadows the fear of it, it is important to take the leap. Don’t stay caged with fear. Do the things that inspire you to dig deep, rise and live now.

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