Episode 119: How Dr. Hala Sabry Created a Facebook Community of Over 100,000 Physicians

In this inspiring new episode, Dr. Hala Sabry chats about how her wildly successful Facebook group started, how it’s going, and how she manages to maintain her professional and personal life through it all.

She is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, a feminist leadership coach, the founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG), and a super mom of five- with two sets of twins! Balancing her career in medicine with her roles as a mother and entrepreneur was initially challenging. She frequently fought through fear, negative self-talk, and a recurring desire to quit, and she knew other busy professional working mothers must have experienced the same struggles.

Dr. Hala Sabry

She created her Facebook Group, Physician Moms Group (PMG) seven years ago to offer emotional availability and support to women like her which now supported over 116,000 members.

Hala expanded her outreach to coaching individuals and consulting businesses. She offers high performance coaching to professional women in male dominated professions who feel unseen and unheard in quest to develop their personal brand and become a confident thought leader.

And FUN FACT: Dr. Sabry also founded National Women Physicians Day, which is celebrated every February 3rd.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 119: How Dr. Hala Sabry Created a Facebook Community of Over 100,000 Physicians

  1. This is such an amazing podcast! Dr. Sabry has been so influential in so many different platforms, and her reach is unparalleled. She brings so much insight and valuable information on this talk! Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Britney Crosson

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for listening!


    2. Social Sunshine Podcast

      Thank you so much for listening!


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