Episode 123: TikTok Superstars Alex & Pablo of Durafest2

This funny TikTok duo have captured nostalgic hearts across the globe, amassing hundreds of thousands of social media followers along the way. With 500,000+ TikTok fans (and growing), you got to meet Alex & Pablo of @durafest2.

Pablo Hernandez and Alex Maystrik

They’re known for their in-sync movie monolog recreations which have been reposted by E! News and People Magazine. They also performed in the 2021 TikTok Live trend-a-thon event, and they are hoping to continue to write and perform their comedy in front of live audiences. Their passions include comedy, sketch writing, and possibly becoming professional wedding dancers.

In this episode, they share their journey to viral stardom on the crazy popular social media app. From how they met to how they maintain their social media popularity, you don’t want to miss this hilarious and insightful show.

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