Episode 141: How Britney’s Big Event Dream Came True

Britney Crosson shares the highlights of her 1st ever in-person event for the membership she founded in 2020, Small Biz Social Society. It is like nothing else she has ever seen or been a part of. She not only educates others about social media and online marketing, but also believes the true beauty lies in the people of this community.

Britney Crosson at the Social Success 2022 Retreat in Houston, TX

From branding photoshoots with the talented Rocio to heartfelt happy hours and inspiring presentations, this weekend was packed with raw camaraderie. Listen for special appearances from producer Megan Colwell, Small Biz Social Society members Lanier Young, Gail Gould, Kristina Hollinger, Sarah Kramer, Jennifer Bassman, Rosanne Green, Kerry Spencer and keynote speaker Bret Shuford.

Explore Rocio’s amazing photographer work HERE. | Join Small Biz Social Society HERE. | Connect with Britney on Instagram HERE. | Follow Britney on Facebook HERE. | Join Britney on LinkedIn HERE.

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