Episode 179: Grief, Healing & Finding Joy on Social Media with Bryan Martin

Bryan Martin, the man behind Sea Lion Bryan on social media, is a marine biologist, educator, author and widower. In 2018, he lost his partner, Clayton, to a terminal illness just 10 months after his father passed away. After experiencing such tremendous loss, he could feel the loneliness and depression sinking in. Watching others post about their pandemic grief reminded him of the start of his grief journey. He had the choice to just give in, or take hold of the gift we all have inside – the ability to generate joy. Bryan quickly learned he could use that gift to fight the darkness, and started to dance on social media.

Host, Britney Crosson, and Bryan dive into allll the things during this interview that’s sure to make you laugh, and maybe even cry. But most importantly, it’s going to inspire the hell out of you.

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