Episode 37: Closing the Consultation with Dave Dee

Get ready for a MAGICAL episode of The Social Sunshine Podcast. Sales expert and author of Sales Stampede, Dave Dee, whom is also a mentalist and magician (whaaaat?!) is this week’s guest. Dave brings great energy and actionable advice about sales for any type of business owner in this podcast episode. He explains the sales process, consultations and closing sales in a way that’s easy to understand and incredibly impactful. Plus, there’s a great bonus moment at the end where he shows host, Britney Crosson, his exact pre-show ritual that amps up his energy and his confidence.

Grab a pen and paper, friends. You don’t want to miss a single detail of this episode of The Social Sunshine Podcast.

For more information about Dave, go to www.DaveDee.com and subscribe to his Daily DeeMail. You can also follow Dave on Facebook and LinkedIn by simply searching his name, Dave Dee.

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