Episode 38: Hustle and Flow with Mikhail Alfon

From fast food worker to telemarketer to professional poker player to Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Light Media, Mikhail Alfon is sharing his colorful career journey with The Social Sunshine Podcast in this must-listen episode for new and growing entrepreneurs.

Mikhail talks about the hustle mentality of entrepreneurship… when you truly need to hustle, and when you can start to flow.

His work ethic and deep desire for success for himself and everyone around him is something to be admired. Plus, he’s a cool, nice dude. You absolutely don’t want to miss this fun and inspiring episode of The Social Sunshine Podcast with Mikhail Alfon and host, Britney Crosson.

Listen to Mikhail’s podcast, Oversharing, on all major podcast platforms.
Follow Mikhail on social @miqk
For more information about Blue Light Media, click here.

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