153. Britney’s Move, Podcasting & Online Community Building

To Podcast or not to Podcast? Not only are podcasts a great opportunity to share information, they offer a great way to share your opinions on niche topics and connect with people via shared interests. Today’s guest and Britney’s fellow Houstonian, Alicia Elatassi, mom, wife, teacher and podcaster is joining today to talk about why she chose to start a podcast of her own, and how it’s benefitting her community by doing so. Britney also shares details of her and her family’s recent move!

Alicia Elatassi

If you’re a female podcaster in the Houston area, Alicia is hosting a super fun networking event on September 27th from 6:30-8:30 PM at Maize Restaurant in Houston. You can RSVP to her event HERE.

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