154. How to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile to Help Grow Your Business

Ahh Facebook, our faithful old friend that’s always there when you need advice, a chat, or even to look up an old pal from high school. And like any good friend would, Facebook really wants to know, “what’s on your mind?”. Though apps like TikTok and Instagram offer tons of fun and come loaded with exciting features that you can easily spend hours playing with, no one can argue that Facebook has been the real “OG” for awhile now. In today’s episode Britney takes it back and shares some really awesome tips on how to maximize your potential with Facebook, and how it can help you grow your business.

🔗 https://open.spotify.com/episode/7eJdpdeNJ0PwqDMVHeCWSd?si=e2feab2d0861434e

Britney Crosson, Fun Love Media

Want to learn more about Facebook? Members of Small Biz Social Society have access to the replay of her Facebook MasterClass that she taught live in September 2022. Not a member yet? Enroll HERE for just $18 per month.

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